Caring for your Fresh Farm Grown Tree

  • Upon arrival at home with your tree, make a fresh cut on the bottom of  the base of the tree trunk. Place your tree in a bucket of water or  tree stand containing water. Keep the tree well-watered. If the base of  the tree is allowed to dry out a new sap seal will form preventing the  intake of water to re hydrate the tree. Keeping the tree stand full of  water will help to ensure the longevity of your holiday tree. A fresh  Christmas tree may absorb as much as a gallon or more of water in the  first 24 hour period and several quarts in the following days. A fresh well-watered tree is not a fire hazard!
  • Trees prefer to be cool and out of drafts, so don’t place them near a  direct heat source. It’s best placed away from a fireplace, wood stove,  or heat vent.
  • To ensure a safe and joyous holiday season be sure that you test your  lights and check the cords and connections to assure everything is in  good working order before hanging them on the tree. Don’t forget to  unplug lights when you go to bed or leave the home.

Baling trees to make them easier to handle and transport