Fraser Fir

It has short blue green needles and a pleasing fragrant aroma, great needle retention and decorates well.

This is our most popular Christmas tree!

Blue Spruce


Beautiful silver blue foliage with stiff heavy branches. Excellent for heavier ornaments. Best needle retention of all the spruces

White Pine



White Pine

White pine is a beautiful, graceful tree with  long soft blue green foliage. Its branches are best suited for lights and a  lighter decorating touch. Needle retention is excellent on this hardy  long-lasting Virginia tree.

Norway Spruce

Norway Spruce is a longtime favorite at our  farm with stiff heavy branches, short pointed needles, and a rich deep green  color. This vintage tree loves heavier ornaments and is well-suited for a  traditional decorating style.

Serbian Spruce

Serbian Spruce


Has two-toned needles that shimmer from a distance. Strong branches make it good for heavier ornaments.